Design a ‘Working’ Advertisement

Sep, 2017

-          Be attentive to Consumer Behaviour

When you say a ‘wow’ to an advertisement, does the word comes out just by looking at its aesthetical design? No! Is it not? An advertisement can be appreciated only based on how it communicates and what it wants the audience to reciprocate. An ad without triggering any consumer action is a mere design that may treat your audience eyes; but bring in no result. If you want the result, it is necessary that you pay attention to your consumers’ behaviour.


Here are the primary consumer behavioural facts that you should dwell into before coining your design idea.


·         Identify the need or pose it: An advertisement can definitely be made a success by giving out how the product directly addresses the primary need of the consumers. In cases where the use of the product is well realized by the consumers, you would have to stress on the need.


·         Address the Second Thoughts: Most consumers always think twice before they go in for a product. Especially if you have more competitors and if your consumers are already with your competitor, then addressing these thoughts is very important.


You can convince such consumers by giving out data on awards, support channels, testimonials and any certifications.


·         Highlight Your Product’s Potency: Every consumer needs the ‘best’ product. So, it is important to make your consumer believe that your product is the best.


You can showcase your product’s ability to show the potential of the product. For example, you can show the best photograph shot with a digital camera, to advertise the camera.


·         Motivate Your Consumers: Psychologically, people can be best motivated by triggering their basic needs, safety, love, pride or self actualization, which are clearly structured in Abraham Maslow’s Hierarchy of Need. It is a note hitting these directly is what that can take your ad to the ‘success’ list.


Understand the source of your audience’s motivation and communicate more empathetically to accomplish your design goals.


·         Gain Attention amidst Distractions: Remember that your ads will not be a sole display to the consumer, be it in the digital space or outdoor. You have to gain attention amidst lot many other advertisements or other distractions.


For addressing this, you can give out specific attention-gaining points, like interesting facts or personalised queries on subjects/needs that the consumers are continuously exposed to.


·         Convert from ‘What’s that’ to ‘I want that’: As your first attention-grabbing techniques would make your audience turn to ask ‘what’s that’, you need to have more to make them tell ‘I want that’.


This is achievable by introducing facts and information that help people engage in a careful and extensive consideration, and through good quality of the graphics, aesthetics, content, and credibility.


·         Promise to Achieve Aspirations: Consumers tend to react when they are promised to achieve what they desire. And this is considered as one of the best ways to pull in consumers. For example, you can highlight the number of kgs one can lose in a week, if they use your slimming product. This can be associated to result-highlighting advertisements.


·         Show Only What they Accept/Like: It is very important to avoid any graphics, color or text that might trigger a negative impact in the consumers. So it is very important that you meet your audience or understand them better for their, likes, dislikes and beliefs.




Understand Better, Communicate Better!