Interior Designing — In the Most Budget Friendly Way

Sep, 2017

Your client doesn’t have a deep pocket for that awesome designing of his house? Give him your hands with the following tricks.

·         Paint Perfect: Paint the walls in crisp white or high pigment paint in a neutral hue. You could even select the colour based on the mood of the room. Paint the interior doors in black or navy and try to match it up with few other decors.

·         Flaunt the Flooring: Consider flooring like Bamboo Flooring, Recycled Hardwood Flooring, Natural Stones Tiles Flooring and Cork Flooring.

·         Light Up: Lighting can make the colours look better and your space look clean. Try out LEDs, cheaper lighting fixtures, table lamps and floor lamps to give a posh look to your room.

·         Appeal with Upholstery: Use some unique upholstery and accessories with difference in fabric, colour or design. You can use more of gold and brass colour accessories to get a rich look. If you are planning to use any old accessory, then colour them appropriately.

·         Charm the Furniture: Use bigger throw pillows, which are the best accessory for your sofa. They can give a luxurious look to the entire space. Also, never compromise on the quality of the furniture.

·         Line Up Curtains: Select curtains in colours contrasting to the accessories. Avoid flimsy and unlined curtains. Hang the curtains from as close to the ceiling as possible, to give a feel of fullness.

·         Pick the Best Hardware: Use attractive, yet cheap drawer pulls, door and window handles, cupboard handles. You could also invest on better bathroom faucets.


Above all, advice your customers to maintain the space clean. A clean place can only highlight your designs.