Major Terrains of the Fashion World

Mar, 2017

‘Wow! The Fashion world is full of colors, attractive designs, glamour, and highly lucrative’ — this is what the audience would think about the Fashion world.

But is it just so alluring to professionals as well? May not be; for professionals back a bunch of responsibilities to manage. They have got to address different industry needs, be it in terms of production volume, customer needs, purpose of the design and financial sustainability, depending on the terrain of work they choose.

How about a peep through the three major terrains of the Fashion world: Haute Couture, Ready-to-Wear and Mass Market Fashion? Here you go...


Haute Couture: Did you see Aishwarya Rai in her golden emblished gown on the red carpet at the Cannes? How about Sonam Kapoor in her black semi-sheer gown?  The Fashion Designers behind these exclusive attires on celebrities fall under this category of Haute Couture. It is the type of fashion that involves creating exclusive custom-fitted clothing with unique design idea, for specific customer on a specific occasion. So, this type of Fashion Designers creates unique attires of high quality, high price, and most of the times by hand.

The presence of haute couture can be traced back to 1700s when the garments of Queen Marie Antoinette were specially designed by Rose Bertin. Though it has a long presence, it is important for you understand that in the recent times, High Couture is not the main source of income for most designers, as production of high fashion garment proves to be costlier than the income. So, high fashion today is used as a promotional tool for the designers’ ready-made collection and other accessory designs.


Ready-to-Wear: The concept of just pick out from a store and dazzle right away in best attire started with women’s clothing in the 20th century; though ready-to-wear garments were first introduced for military uniforms in early 1800s. This type of clothing is factory made in standards sizes with better quality material — though not as best as Haute Couture. We can say that this type of fashion is an intermediate one between the Haute Couture and Mass Market in terms of garment quality, numbers produced, price and manufacturing time.

In the recent times, ready-to-wear fashion garments are very popular and highly competitive, and thus calls your innovative ideas.  It is also a very profitable one. Fashion houses that produce this type of garments present their latest designs on a regular basis, generally twice a year (in Fall and Winter), at fashion weeks in different parts of world in order to attract customers and distributors. Many fashion designers working on this type of fashion create exclusive copyrighted work and stands among the best high fashion designers.



Mass Market: It is a fashion type of recent times that intends for mass sales for a large number of people across different parts of the world. This is a ready-made clothing industry that produces thousands of garment pieces and distributes across the world, mainly introduced to make fashion affordable to economically weaker sections. As far as the quality is concerned, the clothing is made of cheaper garment of not a great quality. Also, the scope of implementing creative ideas is very less in this type of fashion.