The ‘BOOMED’ Mobile Ecosystem in India

Oct, 2017

The digital world is now into anything and everything we do.  From buying groceries to taking up software training, everywhere the digital world dominates. It has built itself massively to be called as a separate ecosystem, ‘Digital Ecosystem’. One of the main reasons for such a huge growth is the easy availability of smart mobiles.

Every time we hear the yell, “Mobile devices are gaining importance to become a basic need of life.” But where is the proof?
Well, here we prove the yell with few statistical statements from the Mobile Metrix, May 2017 report from comScore, an American media measurement and analytics company. Though the report from comScore has recorded the statistics from around the world, here we present you a glimpse of the Indian mobile landscape to understand the dominance of mobile usage in the Indian digital world.


• 86% of the total minutes spent in the digital world accounts to mobiles in India. This 86% takes India to second place, next only to Indonesia in the total minutes users spend in mobiles.
• 2,844 minutes (avg.) a user spends in the mobile digital world. In terms of this, Latin America tops the world.
 2,636 minutes (avg.) a user spends on mobile Apps, of the 2,844 minutes the user spends in the mobile digital world. This accounts to more than 88% of the time spent in mobile digital world. Such a huge use of mobile apps is recorded to be because of refined user experience and functionality of apps.
• 450 minutes (avg.) an Indian user spends on entertainment. An Indian user also spends similar time in instant messaging and social networking.
• 70% digital users in India use ONLY mobiles, making India top the other countries in the ‘Mobile Only’ statistics. To mention, more than one-fourth of global users measured are now mobile only.
• Of the 70% mobile-only users in India, 76% are male and 60% are female users. It’s worth a mention that India is the only market where male users are more than female mobile-only users.
• 77% of mobile-only users are of 25-34 age. This stat proves that younger and older demographics are less likely to abandon desktop altogether.
 25% of total mobile minutes are spent in social networking and messengers. Not only in India, in most countries social networking and instant messaging account to one-fourth of mobile behaviour.
• 87% digital retail users in India now use mobile devices. Other categories that account to more that 80% use of mobile devices are social networking, news/information and apparel.

While most of these stats are stunning, it is no wonder that mobile devices dominate the digital world in India. It’s time for designers and digital product creators to prioritize mobile compatibility of products.

Data courtesy: comScore Mobile Metrix, May 2017