10 Practices to Make Your Mobile Site UI the Best

Mar, 2017

As you wait for a train, you could buy your favourite shoes; as you walk to a friend’s house, you could order your dinner; or as you sit through a movie, you can book your air ticket. Do anything, anywhere, anytime is what our mobiles had made it possible for us. As consumers of today are looking out for every solution in their palms holding the digital world, it is very vital for every business to make a strong presence in the mobile digital world.

Being Designers, it is in your hands to help your client establish this strong presence. Here are few things that would help you design best UI solutions for mobile sites.

1. Inform users on best orientation to view in.

2. Optimize your page size for mobile screens, so that users need not zoom in to view things clearly.

3. Place the primary calls-to-action at a prominent place where the audience is sure to see.

4. Have as less menu items as possible. Also, make them short and instructive.

5. Keep a separate, distinguishable place for promotions.

6. Ensure there is ‘Search’ option at the top of the pages, with filter options and that gives suitable results.

7. Have a ‘Home’ icon or make the logo clickable to navigate to the home page, in all the subsequent pages.

8. While designing forms:
    a. Have minimum number of fields; with auto filled information wherever possible.
    b. Have clear labels for each field.
    c. Provide the simplest input method with large tap targets. Also, provide calendars to select dates.
    d. Ensure to assist users with Number pads while in fields requiring digits.

9. Help users to access the services without registration. If registration is a must, then keep it after the audience browse through few pages.

10. Avoid launching new windows on clicking any element, because switching between windows is quite hectic in mobiles.

Implement these suggestions, get the best UI designs and have your audience easily navigate through your site!


Image Courtesy: pinterest.com