5 Classic Fashion Trends that You can Always Rely Upon

Jan, 2018

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Fashion changes, constantly! What is in trend today will be soon out of fashion. Remember the famous 1980’s bell bottoms and the low rise jeans? Long gone are they! The last decade has seen so many trends like anarkalis, palazzos, jeggings, etc, come and go like never before. These days even the time span for trends has considerably reduced and certain trends like the colored jeans lasted only a few months.
While the trends in fashion changes rapidly, there are few trends which have withstood the test of time and have remained people’s favorite all the time. In fashion, we call them the ‘Classics’. Here we bring to you few classic trends that you can always rely upon.


Little Black Dress
“One is never overdressed or underdressed with a little black dress.” – Karl Lagerfeld
If there ever comes a rule in fashion that every women should own one dress, the winner would be the ‘Little Black Dress (LBD)’, unanimously. Tracing back its origin to the famous Designer Coco Chanel’ in the 1920’s, the LBD is one of the most versatile clothing in fashion which can be worn as a casual, formal and a party wear. The dresses are simple, structured and short. These dresses have never gone out of style and are considered to be a staple for women’s wardrobe. Lady Diana Spencer, Audrey Hepburn, Kate Moss have all wowed us wearing their LBD. So, if you still don’t own one, what’s stopping you to buy one?


Coco Chanel’s Iconic Black Dress; Image Source: www.pastemagazine.com

Audrey Hepburn in her LBD


Denim Fabric
Denims has been an integral part of fashion and been shaping the fashion industry in a way you can never imagine for the past 140 years.  Invented by Jacob Davis and Levi Strauss in 1973, this fabric was initially worn by workers to withstand the heavy manual labor. Jeans are one of the first garments made out of denim fabric and now we have shirts, jackets and even hats made of denim fabric. The fabric is highly durable and long lasting. Denim forever has been a staple in fashion, and good pair of jeans is meant to be eternal.  Today, denim is worn by people across the world and has practically become a daily uniform for many!

One of the early campaigns by Levis; Image Source: www.levistrauss.com

Tuxedo Jacket
Jackets and coats have been a part of Men’s fashion from the 1880’s. However, the Tuxedo style jacket became mainstream fashion clothing for women with the introduction of Le Smoking by Yves Saint Laurent (YSL) in 1966. Le Smoking tuxedos were designed for women, combining design ideas from men’s suits and women’s clothing.
Though the tuxedos received negative response in the beginning, it later became very popular and even as an alternative to the LBD. To enhance the feminine structure, these tuxedos had narrowed waistline and long pants. In the modern days, these suits are classified under ‘Power Suits’ and ‘Pant Suits’, which echoes the influential nature of this clothing line.

YSL’s Le Smoking; Image Source: www.nydailynews.com

H&M’s Tuxedo Jacket; Image Source: www.h&m.com

Animal Print
The origin of animal print in fashion has a very interesting story. When the Europeans ruled over Asia and Africa, they brought back a variety of animal skins with them and made clothing out of it. Fascinated by these prints, people started reproducing these prints on fabrics. Two centuries down, designers are still in awe (like many of us) with these prints and these prints keep coming back in fashion runaways. The neutral color combinations that are found in these prints like the blacks, whites and browns is what have made people like these prints collectively. Surprisingly, our designers have taken these prints to the next level and now we find hot pink colored zebra patterns.

Blumarine Spring 2011 Collection; Image Source: www.glamcheck.com


Sarees – was it ever out of fashion? Trends may come and go but sarees will remain to be the favorite for many Indians (not just Indians though) forever. This versatile, 6-meter long fabric has been the staple clothing for many centuries, especially for Indian women. Besides complementing the feminine nature of women, sarees let women keep up to the latest trends. Be it in the form of drapes of the prints. Formal, semiformal, casual or bridal? You have saris for all occasions and can’t just categorize sarees under one segment. The image below is an example of how recently, sarees are draped by women and we tell you that there is no right or wrong way to drape a saree!

Image Source: www.chidiyaa.com

It’s an undeniable fact that everyone is on a constant struggle to decide on ‘what to buy’ all the time. With so many trends coming and going it's important that we have something to rely on and the discussed trends are the five fashion trends you can always count on.