A Den for Street Photographers – Marina Beach

Nov, 2018

- By Photography Department of ICAT Design and Media College

Sea beaches are always special for us. They are one of the best places to escape from our daily life schedule and get some refreshment as well as valuable time with our family and friends. Marina beach is one of those famous places in Chennai where people enjoy their short weekends with their near and dear ones. And for Street Photographers, it houses so many emotions to capture because it brings in people of all walks of life and in different emotional state. Yes! It’s a den for passionate Street Photographers.

1. Interesting Subjects: There are so many subjects you can find at Marina to capture on weekends. You can be an eyewitness of weekend family picnics, children’s playing with their parents, variety of foods, street games, horse riding, sea-bath, and lot more. Every weekend, from afternoon to evening, anyone can find a festival fair at Marina. From local jewelry shop to chat center, street food stall to fun rides, every possible entertainment shops and recreation is available at Marina. With such a vast range of subjects, it will be a sure fun for Street Photographers on weekends at Marina.


2. Emotions to Capture: Marina is full of emotions and fun-filled moments. You can find so many faces happy, sad, thoughtful, eager, angry, surprised and even calm. Yes, you can find people meditating by the sea beach. You can sense the childhood fun again by watching a father playing with his son in the sands and a girl afraid of going into the sea and tightly holding her father’s hand. You can also come across retired people gathering in groups and having yoga sessions, friends meeting after years, family discussions and what not. It is the best place to capture any emotion a Street Photographer would look out for. Also, it’s not that only local people come here on weekends, many people from across the nation and across the world come here to enjoy the scenic beauty. So it is a hub of different people of different religion, culture, geographical location, economic status and emotional state, which is hard to find anywhere else.

#Come and explore the abode of diverse subjects, the Marina!


3. Daily Life of Shopkeepers: At Marina beach, one other good subject for street photography is the shopkeepers at the beach. Their lifestyle, hurdles and little shops are very interesting subjects in the evening time. They are very communicative to their customers, so it’s quite easy to know about their lifestyle. They treat the tourists with such a humble and care. Being a Street Photographer, you can get a scope of shooting very good storytelling photos.


4. Local Festivals: Marina beach is a place where most of the local Hindu idol immersion takes place and you can experience different cultures of Chennai there. Festivals like Chat Puja, Diwali, Ganesh Immersion and Pongal are famously celebrated at Marina beach. The celebrations at Marina are very colourful, vibrant and fun-filled, giving the Photographers the best shots.


5. Do’s & Don’ts: The only thing you have to keep in your mind while taking pictures at a vibrant place like Marina is that the people should not feel uncomfortable with your presence. There will be people from various religion and they will have their own privacy. A photographer should give privacy to the subject. So, remember that no one should be hurt for the purpose of photography.

After all, street photography has a very good purpose of documenting the street life of a particular place; let’s do it with our ethics in place.