A-F of Videography

Sep, 2017

It wouldn't surprise you if we say we all grew up watching films. And there are many of us who grew up taking home videos on our handy cams. I think now it's about to give it a professional touch. It might sound dizzy, but following few hints, we are sure you can dig into something fantastic!

Make sure before you start off, you have a theme or story in place. Even random shots need to make sense.

If all are in place, then here is the A-F of Videography!


To get the audience closer to you story (video) you need to position the camera in the right place - whether it's a straight shot, profile view or over the shoulder shot. Angle can be used in different ways and to establish the location, inducing suspense etc.



Imagine you're inside a movie theater and the film begins with a character riding a cycle, panting and peddling fast, amidst a paddy field. The backdrop usually explains the mood of the film. And it's essential to decide proper location and backdrop. Even working on color themes and props is very important as they are an integral part of communicating the mood. A background in a film can also be people rather than just props.



The audience pays to watch a movie. The most they expect from a film is 'something new'. No matter how different your concept is, if it is delivered in a usual way, it is likely to be a failure. As Composition is a part of storytelling, it is a key in helping you bring a difference to your video. We say Composition as a key because we have Directors whose movies have been identified by an audience with just a glance through the framing. That's the kind of effect that good Composition can bring in to make you stand out from the crowd.



Proximity between the lens and subject should be analyzed. To show warmth and closeness a shot should be set closer to the subject and to show a sense of mystery or freedom a wide shot can be used. Similarly, if it's a shot involving two people, a close shot is appropriate to bring attention and to make us believe they are together. Whereas, a shot of a gathering speech can be a balance between close-ups and the long shot to show power and magnitude.



Light is an important aspect both in Photographs and Video. How much of light you wish to integrate into your shot should be well thought.



It's not just about what is in 'focus', but also what are not focused. Focusing on unwanted elements might become a 'Noise' and deviate the audience from the story line. As a filmmaker, you will not want it.


Follow the A-Fs to step up your Videography skills!