Advertise (W)HERE

Sep, 2017

Advertising is to expose the right audience to the product or service they would require. For example, you can advertise a tractor in a farming-based village and propaganda about saving Animals in a place where there is more of animal exploitation. There lies the success of advertising: where you advertise, more than what. Where you advertise would help you judge how you advertise, for you can understand the best medium that reach the target audience at the place.

Let’s dwell into the different modes of advertising to help you select the right medium to reach the right audience.


Print Advertising: Is one of the traditional ways to reach huge audience. It includes advertising in newspapers, brochures, magazines and fliers.


Radio Advertising: Proves to be very effective in reaching huge audience when aired regularly at the right time. Cost of such ads depends on the popularity of the station and program during which the ad should be aired and duration of the ad.


Television Advertising: Is considered the most effective mode of advertising since more than 50 years. It proves to be the most expensive, especially when ads are to be relayed during high rated programs like a world-cup cricket match.


Outdoor Advertising: Includes advertising in billboards, kiosks, trade-shows or any public events. These should be very attractive, because it has to grasp audience attention within seconds and convey the product highlight immediately.


Guerrilla Advertising: Takes audience by surprise with the way of conveying a message and thus attracts more audience. It is the best way to establish a huge market for small businesses and even individuals.


Online Advertising: Uses the World Wide Web to publicize and thus is cost-effective. It includes banner ads, rich media ads, ads in search engine result pages, e-mail marketing and promotional activities through social media networks.


Covert Advertising: Is a way of advertising in any entertainment show like Television serial, movies or sports.




Surrogate Advertising: Is a kind of indirect advertising in which a product is reminded through advertisements of other products of the same brand

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Celebrity Advertising: Uses a celebrity to endorse the brand/product.


In-Store Advertising: Involves display of products/ad banners at large malls or departmental stores to motivate impulse purchase on the spot.


Coffee Cup Advertising: Involves display of ads on the coffee cups in a cafe, hotel or any such place of gathering.



Cell Phone Advertising: Involves advertising through digital communication devices like mobile phones, iPads and other portable electronic devices.



Aerial Advertising: Uses aircraft, balloons, blimps, flogos or airships to display the ad. This might require secondary advertising through news in televisions, print media or radio.