Advertise All that Needs Attention

Sep, 2017

Are you not surprised with recent ads on hospitals, night wears and many things that we never thought would show up on an advertising medium? Gone are the days when we had only ads on rich products. As the market competition grows strong and advertising mediums expand to reach every product maker, it is time to propaganda anything and everything that needs attention.

Let’s surf through the different types of advertising, categorized based on what is advertised.


·         Product Advertising: Publicizes a product by putting forth the features and benefits of the product. It directly increases sales.


·         Direct Response Advertising: Calls for immediate response from customers in return of some incentives like discount coupons, free gifts and so on. It would involve gathering of information about customers for further use by the tele-marketing team.


·         Corporate Advertising: Promotes a company’s capabilities, market standard, financial background, technical support and resources to enhance business-to-business marketing.


·         Financial Advertising: Advertises a company’s financial results, progress and financial developments to get funds from investors.

The above image is a native advertising, displayed just to understand how financial advertisements can be framed.


·         Public Service Advertising: Is used to convey a socially-responsible message and to create awareness. For example: about how AIDS spread, how to eradicate polio, right to vote, water conservation, children health, illiteracy and so on.


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