Gear Your Photography Career

Sep, 2017



No one is a born photographer; it all comes with learning and experience. Even as an amateur, if you have realized your dreams, you can make a living with your passion. All that is required is the commitment, knowledge on improvising the skill and the patience to hit great heights.

Here's what you should do to earn quick money with your photography skills.


# Know Your Niche Market:

When you’re a freelancer, you might as well take up any gig that comes your way. But to stand out among the 1000’s of people in this industry, all you need to do is to choose your niche area and expertise in that. That is, dwell deep into the skills and techniques involved in any one stream of Photography to specialize in the same. It may be Wedding photography, Wildlife photography, Food or Product photography, Indoor or Outdoor, People or Landscape or anything of your choice.

This will help you hit the dart of success with utmost strength.


# Market Your Service:

It's all about ‘Branding’. In this digital age, branding and establishing works have become easy and a lot more cost-efficient when compared to television or print medium. A social media page and a portfolio Website are the need of the hour. You would have to tell the audience on what services you offer and where are you available.


# Observe and Keep Evolving:

Taking up appropriate gigs doesn’t mean you need to stay idle. You can utilize your time exploring avenues to master your craft. For instance, if you have mastered clicking in natural lighting, then explore with artificial lights. Work on combinations of Shutter Speed and Aperture. While you embrace technology, also understand what best suits you.


# Build Your Storytelling Skills:

With the technology and access to information and techniques, everyone can click faces, trees, roads, sea etc. But only who creates a story in it can stand out in the crowd. You need to work on your storytelling skills along with your photography skills. That is, you need to start conveying something through your image.


# Get Your Basics Right: 

It's fine if you’ve not got experience, but it's not fine if you’ve not got your basics right. Yes, you simply can’t expect great things if your basic photography skills are not intact. You will need to invest time and learn it. You can be self-thought but going to an institution that will train you to be a professional is always recommended.


# Learn the Art of Videography:

Videos have taken over and it was the theme all along 2016; and no doubt it will continue. So along with your photography skills, learn the art of Videography as well. If you think that’s a hard task, then check out our related blogs that talk about Videography.


# Become a People Person:

It's important to be more interactive with people and be a people person. There are two reasons to why. First, you need to network with industry professionals and other important people to land a job for yourself. Unless a network, you will not be known anywhere or to anyone. You need to keep the vibe going. Second, you need to understand people and know how to handle them, especially if the niche you have selected involves people to pose. The people you decide to click may not excite you nor want to co-operate with you. You should know how to put the desired emotion on their faces.

The more people are comfortable with you, the more lively and natural your output would turn out.


Keep doing what you do best; with sincere attempt and the right training, you will be able to make it big and for sure earn your fortune!