Indian Gaming Industry to Outshine Bollywood

Sep, 2017


An industry’s growth path is what that decides the success of the associated companies. One such successfully flourishing company on the growth path of the Gaming industry is Ironcode Gaming, an independent developer and publisher of quality games. Founded in 2009 by brothers Pallav and Gaurav Nawani, the company has developed and deployed several games on Linux, Windows Desktop, Mac, iOS and Android on a variety of platforms, including Steam, Appstore, Google Play, Amazon, BigFish Games, AOL, Yahoo and others. Most of the games developed by Ironcode are fun adventure games.


The CEO of Ironcode Gaming, Mr. Pallav Nawani said in an interview to Animation Xpress, "By and large the gaming industry is seeing an exponential rise, both in terms of the revenue as well as the players. Indian gaming industry is projected to be worth Rs. 1.1 billion by the year 2020. At this rate, the Indian Gaming industry will soon surpass Bollywood in terms of revenue!”


With such a promising vision on the industry from a CEO, the industry is sure to flourish. Let’s take up on the opportunities it offers.