Know these to Make Your Customers Stand by Your Brand

Sep, 2017

A Brand is a very broad term that brings in products, services, visual elements like color and mascots, packaging, logo, taglines etc under one umbrella. It is everything that a customer would use to refer/identify your product. It carries all the responsibilities to make a product stand successfully in the market. So imagine how important it is.

As Graphic Designers, it’s in your hands to build a brand in the perfect way to make your client long live in the market.

In order to get the placement right in the desired market, first get to know the below points on your Brand:


l  The Unique Selling Point (USP)

l  Target Audience

l  What does the brand offer that would excite the customer?

l  How far does the brand connect to the customer? 

l  The Brand story

l  Does the brand engage in meaningful ways?

l  Is the audience aware of the Brand?

l    If yes, then what is the brand value in the minds of the customers?

l  Is the brand at the reach of the customers?


How do you connect your ‘Brand’ to Customers?

Further, understand what in the brand can communicate better to the audience. Here are few most appealing points.


·        The niche or a pioneering quality of the brand

·        The brand’s identity, be it color, name etc., that could be attractive

·        Persona or the user experience that might have given the Brand a positive outlook

·        The story behind the brand that has an inviting quality

·        Any emotional way to persuade customers

·        Any assurance on performance


Identify the ones most appropriate to your brand and incorporate them in all your ‘brand building’ products.

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