Significance of Artworks since Civilization

Sep, 2017

Artworks, as a medium of expression, have given hands to researchers, archeologists, historians, psychiatrists, marketing professionals and every other professional. They were inevitable many a times in understanding or conveying something. Let’s here see the purposes solved by artworks.


·         Convey the Lifestyle of Our Ancestors: The oldest art forms in caves are the main resource for us to understand how our ancestors once lived.

·         Convey the Religious Rituals/Beliefs/Events: The artworks in historic Churches around the world are the best examples of the use of artwork as a vehicle to convey the traditional religious rituals.

·         Record Important Historical Events: Art immortalises an event, be it of historical importance or a special event in an individual’s life.

·         Avenue of Emotions: Many artists like Picasso, Munch and Ernst Ludwig Kirchner captured immense emotions in their artworks.

·         Tool for Propaganda: Propaganda arts created during World War I and II are the best examples of how visual communication can be best used to take forward ideas and actions to masses, and compel them to accept the idea, follow a leader and take proposed actions.

·         Testimony of Landscapes: Artworks that the artists created to portray what they saw are the best way to understand how landscapes around the world look like. Such works help us understand the culture of people in different era and around the world.

·         Trace of Beauty: Through the years, art has also been created as an aesthetic element that gives a beautiful pleasing experience to viewers.

·         Means of Storytelling: The ancient artworks that tell us the story of god and saints are the best example of this type of arts. Norman Rockwell, a famous American Painter was the best creator of storytelling arts.


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