Top 10 Ways to Make an Amazing Poster Design

Sep, 2017


It’s the posters around you that tell you who give the best discount, which movie plays in the nearby cinema, where can you pursue a course, where you have the summer class, which new shop is now near your house and more. It is a best marketing tool for any business that calls direct customer response. As a Graphic Designer, it is in your hands to convey the business to the audience through best designed posters.


Here we help you with top 10 tips that are sure to yield best posters for your product.



1.       Contrast Gains it First: As posters ought to capture attention within seconds, it is ideal to use contrasting elements. Be it in terms of contrasting colors or type. If you are not restricted about the money involved in printing your posters, you can make a full bleed poster with high attention-gaining color(s). You may use also use bold patch of contrasting color blocks.


2.       Focus on Focus: Have a clear, single idea and put it in the design. It can be done through an image or through text. But bring in a visual focus to it.


3.       Miniature is a Must: Repeatedly presenting the same idea is sure to stand in the audience’s minds. This necessitates your poster to be presented in different ways, may be as a compact hand-out, postcard, an image in social media or as an image via e-mail.  What so ever, it should be scalable and should convey the same in all sizes.


4.       Readability is the Key: Remember that your poster may not reach the hands of your audience. It should talk from a distance. So, it is very important that the type is legible. Also, you need to make a clear difference between the heading and further details.


5.       Lone, Powerful Image to Focus: Images talk to your audience within seconds and is ideal for a poster. But multiple images would lead to confusion and distract. So, use single image that best conveys the product.


6.       Respect Empty Space: Never try to convey a lot within the given space. It will lead only to chaos. Empty space or white space can bring in focus and can greatly help in readability and clarity.


7.       Call to Action is Vital: Every work is valued with its result. Your result can be got only through clear call to action. Tell the audience what they should do next, if they want to get your product. Here, ensure that your call-to-action is easy to perform and the details are correct and legible.


8.       Blend and Balance: All your visual elements in the poster should be of a perfect blend and complement each other. Also, strike a balance in the poster. Keep a watch on the visual weights, before you finalize the work.


9.       Use Fun: Poster designing can give you all the freedom and space to go out of the way and break the rules to give way for your imaginations. You may include elements of fun or unexpected, to improve curiosity. It may a funny phrase or an unimaginable graphic.


10.   Less is More: A striking phrase and a perfect graphic can communicate more than lines of text and a cluttered collage. Also, people would definitely read a phrase when compared to long sentences. So, always cut down your elements as much as possible.


Above all, clearly understand your product/service/event to be promoted, the mode of delivery and the printing techniques to be used. These can bring in more clarity to the work. Happy Poster Designing!