Top 5 Simple Ways to Create Your Surreal Art

Mar, 2017

How about creating a ‘dino-rhino’, ‘human-flower’ or a cracked earth with life inside? Yes! Open up your deep inner thoughts and get, set to sketch your own surreal art.

Though Art as a medium itself is to express your thoughts, Surreal Art gives the platform to just express about anything in your inner thoughts. It is far away from any influence from outside world. Just express any of your wild imaginations or oppressed thoughts, with even bothering about its real-time presence. In fact, more your work is unrealistic, more you are a better Surreal Artist.

Here are few ways that could help you achieve a surreal work.


1. Break the Rules: The first way to achieve a best surreal work is to forget all the rules that you have learnt so far. Just go on with what your inner self talks to you. In fact, you need not even worry about a message to be conveyed or even if the audience will understand your work.

2. Do not Plan: It may sound like a blunder typo; but no, it is right. Do not plan your surreal art. Just go ahead without a clear plan, as it will let your thoughts freely flow.


3. Combine objects: To sprout your basic ideation, think of combining two unparalleled objects. Be it two living things or living and a non-living object or a landscape with an object or two parts of the body or an equipment with human figure or any things that you could think of.

4. Play with the size of your selected objects: Make objects either as big as it cannot be imagined or as small as it can never exist.

5. Take off a key part of your selected object: Removing a key part of an object like eyes from a human face or a wings from an airplane would give a surreal effect to the art.



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Above all, explore multiple ways for best surreal art. Respect your subconscious thoughts and reflect them perfectly.