Visual Effects in Movies

Dec, 2017

- By VFX Department of ICAT Design and Media College

Every one of us would agree the massive entry of VFX in movies of recent times. Be it the Kollywood, Bollywood or Hollywood, VFX has found an imperative place in the making of movies. But why do we need VFX, what are its benefits and what are the implied challenges are something that every VFX professional should get introduced to. Here we tell you these in this blog.



When Do We Use VFX in Movies?

Just imagine movies like STAR WARS without their leasers and space ships, AVENGERS without Hulk, superheroes without powers and Thor’s lightning effects, TRANSFORMERS without huge robots transforming into cars, and AVATAR without its life tree and the whole world. It’s very hard to imagine these movies without Visual effects, isn’t it?

Visual effects creates the illusion of reality, which today’s audience are looking for.

We use VFX in movies to create entirely virtual shots, change and create backgrounds, add and remove characters or creatures, add and remove objects or props, change actors or make clones, obscure objects, make specialized speed changes, extend the set, create breath-taking effects, remove wires, and add special effects like fire, water, blasts etc.

Need for VFX

  • It’s cheaper than the alternative. Consider how much it would cost to destroy a city. Visual effects don’t look as expensive in that context.
  • It offers more precise control. Because time is money on set and the Director may want exact control or the option to precisely change it later; visual effects will be the correct option.
  • Not enough time. Maybe you have the money to build an entire castle but do you have enough time to do so before the shooting starts?
  • It’s not possible in any other way. Floating space ships, talking dragons, flying people, exploding heavenly bodies and shooting lasers are not possible to obtain in reality. Even if some are possible with emerging science and technology, how long would it take and how much money would it require to build the transformers? How long would it take to genetically produce a dragon?



Benefits of Using VFX in Movies

VFX gives the opportunity for movie makers, writers and executives to recount any story they like. Verbal and composed narrating can and covers everything possible. An essayist has full flexibility to do anything including having their principle character transform into a goliath cockroach, and bring in myths from around the globe that depict activities and animals that don't exist.

It gives the flexibility for filmmakers to change or modify a movie scene whenever they want or as per the requirement of the script. Visual effects can trigger the imagination to view unique worlds and different characters all together and show them to the audience to showcase specific types of stories.


As it should be obvious, visual effects give both money and innovative favorable circumstances to the studios and movie producers. They assume an imperative part, particularly today, in the motion picture industry as well as in TV, plugs and other content.

Today if we look to the top grossing movies, we will find that almost all contains VFX shots or they are full of VFX.  You may find a list of movies that top the box-office @

Challenges in Creating VFX

Keep in mind that visual effects models and environments have to be created from scratch. We can't rent a house to shoot in or props to fill it. We have to build and paint everything from scratch. When we move our characters or creatures, we have to make sure their feet touch the ground without going into the ground or floating above it.
Many of the things taken for granted in live action has to be worked out in great detail in visual effects.


Apart from the technical challenges in producing visual effects, one other important challenge would be coordinating with varied other teams, because a perfect visual effects would be born only when we seek clear information from all those involved. We need to work intently with the Film Executive, the Cinematographer and varied other professionals to get a clear view of what has to be done.

  • Working with the Generation Architect, we need to extend the sets that are fabricated or assemble sets that would be difficult to work on.
  • Working with the Trick team, we can expel their apparatuses (auto slopes, wires), help to give the visuals required while attempting to keep up sensible security and can expand or make a trick if it's unrealistic.
  • Working with the Extraordinary Effects team, we can shroud their apparatuses if required, and extend and improve what they're ready to give.
  • Working with the Closet division, we can grow the abilities of their outfits when required (Iron Man, Black Swan, and so on).
Each of these teams is extremely useful in furnishing visual impacts that we require to get the best output.




Today, almost all movies use visual effects at least for some scenes. Even short movies, Web series and documentaries started using visual effects. Visual effects can be used in myth stories, period series or even in comedy series also. So anything that can be imagined can be created on screen by using VFX.

So next time when you watch movies, just think if the huge spaceships, tall buildings and castles you see are built really or created using visual effects.